Our Story

Our founder Jen Kristens; always good at sports, better than all of her class (including the mean looking boys) at outdoor activities like rock climbing and skiing discovered her love of the outdoors when she was 10.

Camping under the stars one night in Yosemite with her family, she vowed to build a business that would enthuse others like her to go out there and connect with the environment in a special way, and to deeply appreciate our natural terrain.

Right after her graduation in Sports Management, she pooled in all her savings and decided to take the plunge in creating a small company to honor her long time dream, which would later grow into a sizeable brand trusted by people all over! 

Creating quality equipment & tools to enable everyone to go out and explore is at the core of everything we do. 

Mission: Our brand is committed to serving all those who desire to explore the unknown terrains, the paths less travelled and through that, explore themselves. At our core, we believe exploration creates a bond with the outdoors, inspiring people to protect our planet and lead the community as a whole in restoring our natural beauty. 

We started our journey three years ago, in the fall of 2020 as we began pondering about the thought - let’s make winter outdoors great again!
Summer has lured outdoor activities with ease and while we’re all for outdoor activities & connecting with nature largely, we felt the need to push the envelope in terms of inviting more people to partake in the breathtaking winter outdoors which have always been limited to a select few people who enjoyed skiing.

Since then, season after season we saw our brand grow and with it harbor a growing number of outdoor lovers, all of whom have had a memorable time in nature with Camping Monk etched somewhere along them.